Divorce Law

How to negotiate a divorce settlement with your spouse?

You may have found a partner and thought you would be together forever, but things turned out differently. It is okay to leave the marriage whenever you are ready to, but in most cases, informing your spouse could prove challenging.

The truth is that both of you must reason together on this to come up with a divorce agreement. Divorce settlements can be too demanding for self-representing; you should seek legal advice from a divorce attorney.

However, in some cases where the spouses understand, they could meet up and drive divorce negotiations independently.

What is a Divorce Settlement Negotiation?

Married couples have spent years buying properties and creating wealth. It may vary in some marriages, but both spouses usually have a say in their property. Ending a marriage may seem like too much work but could prove worth it after all is said and done. When one spouse decides to terminate the marriage, it is never an easy process. The two have to agree on what both you and your spouse get. In a divorce settlement, negotiation is where this happens.

A judge could also make the decisions on custody and child support in the divorce settlement agreement.

How does a Divorce Settlement Work?

A divorce settlement is legally binding, and the judicial system stipulates procedures to negotiate a divorce settlement.

It covers the property settlement agreement and financial issues such as social security, joint retirement account, stocks, and bonds. Any real estate investments are inclusive.

Some divorce settlement agreements can be so specific, to the point of stating who gets to have expensive utensils and wall paintings.

A divorce case could take time, but the settlement agreement could give a deadline for all the exchanges to occur. Legally, both parties have to follow and abide by the agreements.

Not each party could be looking for a fair settlement, and so you must get to seek legal advice from your family law attorney to help you and your ex decide how to settle a divorce.

Tips of Reaching a Divorce Settlement Agreement

Reaching a satisfactory settlement, though not easy, is attainable. The following are some of the tips that can help you get the best out of your divorce settlement agreement;

Making up your mind on a decision is difficult, but stick to it once you settle on what you want to do. The settlement agreement can be so emotional, so it is vital that you psychologically prepare yourself to handle such issues. What the judge decides will be passed, so you should be willing to deal with the outcome.

Master your emotions. It would help if you did not let your body overpower you. Avoid things like shedding tears, showing sadness because it may work against you. It would be best if you practice staying calm.

Negotiating divorce settlements could change a lot about your life. For this reason, you should try and get basic knowledge of divorce procedures. It will increase your level of participation, give you a broader understanding of spousal support and matters surrounding property settlement agreements.

You have to communicate effectively. Use simple, short, and precise language. Become more positive and ask for more time to think about what you are not sure. Center your points on terms like, what if.

You have to know what your objectives are. However, it is essential to note that you will not always get everything that you ask. You should think and assess what you first need.

Do not drag out the procedures as you may end up catering for expensive legal fees from the divorce attorney.

Tips of Reaching a Divorce Settlement Agreement

What to Ask in a Divorce Settlement?

When learning how to settle a divorce, knowing what to ask for forms the better part of the negotiations. In the beginning stages, you can draft a settlement proposal on the following sub-topics;

1.    Divorce terms

2.    Asset division

3.    Alimony and child support

4.    Custody issues and visitation rights

Whenever you are not sure about anything, ask your family law attorney. They should provide you with a well-documented and accurate list of all property and assets. It will come in handy during the property settlement agreement and the decision on spousal support.

Positional bargaining does not work so well in settlement negotiations; you should focus much more on your interests and those of your partner than on positional bargaining. Seek to attain your primary interest. One should take into account what their spouse wants and try to meet in the middle. Discussions will barely progress if both of you apply for positions, especially at the beginning of the negotiations.


Divorces no longer have to be messy or chaotic. As much as many emotions are involved in settlement negotiations, you should be calm and keep your eyes on the prize. A divorce settlement agreement will impact the rest of your life, and therefore, you should try and get the best out of it.